Lexus UX Concept

Cool collaboration with Trailer Rebel and Felix Brucklacher on this Trailer. You can heare a costum edit of one of my tracks in this intire Lexus concept video.

Jason Bourne Trailer Placement

My track "Frankensteel" has been placed in the campaign for the new Jason Bourne!!

Assassins Creed Trailer Placement

My track"First Rebellion" (Published by Trailer Rebel) is part of the campaign for the movie "Assassins Creed"!

Audi A4 allroad quattro - Trailer

BFG Trailer Placement

I have providet some music Disney�s BFG in the official trailer 2


Kontakt Library for industrial trailer music and sound design.
Almost the entire last year I have been intensivly working on my signature sound series ARTIFACT published by Audio Imperia. It�s a powerfull composer tool focusing dark industrial trailer music, post-apocalyptic scores and games. You can buy the ibrary here!

UNBROKEN Trailer Placement

My track "Spirits On Earth" is featured in first 23 sec of this Unbroken Trailer.

Additional Music for "The Lazarus Effect"

I have scored two scenes of Daniel Gelb´s thrilling horror blockbuster "The Lazarus Effet" starring Olivia Wild. Again it was a huge pleassure supporting Sarah Schachner who did a fantastic OST.

Additional Music for Assassin´s Creed Unity

I had the chance to support Sarah Schachner by composing some additional music for the Assassins Creed Unity OST. She is a brlliant composer and it is such a honor working with her.

Trailer Music for "The Edge Of Tomorrow"

My Track „Berserker“ from ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design Sounddesign album „Eject“ is featured in this Trailer campaign!!

Epic Trailer Rock Album B.U.R.N. (promo-video)

You can hear my track RED SUN in the first half of this awesome promo-video for ReallyslowMotion´s rock trailer album release B.U.R.N. edited by Rain Ventsel - Editor ! This promo montage wants to pay tribute to the real Rockstars of 2014 movies: Marvel heroes!!!

Trailer Music for "The Amazing Spiderman 2"

My Track „Dying Evil“ from ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design Sounddesign album „Eject“ is featured in the Spiderman 2 Trailer campaign!!

New Trailer Music

"Exitium" by ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design has been released for industry! This is first album under new ReallySlowMotion label Giantapes Music.
Album includes hybrid and orchestral tracks purely for trailers.

Demo for "Adagietto"

Listen to my official demo "Lepidoptera Effect" for 8Dio Adagietto, from the Adagio Series. A symphonic instrument featuring full orchestral ensemble strings - exclusively available at


Recently, I had the honor to collaborate in this amazing initiative, to help the victims of TYPHOON HAIYAN in the Philippines. "COMPOSERS FOR RELIEF" was initiated by the "Soundtack and Trailer Music" Magazin and is now available in digital stores, and you can find there, amazing tracks from over 30 composers. I am participating with my track "Our Nature" All profits will go to charity, so please support
this project and get a this great Album.

meeting with Yoav Goren from Immediate Music

I had a great conversation with Yoav Goren, the president from Immediate Music at Soundtrack Cologne. He is a really great person full of knowledge and pure inspiration for composers like me. There will come up some exiting project including my music in the next year...


Promotional video for ReallySlowMotion´s album "Iron Poetry".

Epic/heroic/fantasy/action/adventure/choir tracks for motion picture advertising. For licensing info: [email protected]


Finaly I can announce to be part of the next amazing release from ReallySlowMotion. This time I will participe with about 5 tracks and 3 version! IRON POETRY contains mindblowing neo-orchestral trailer compositions for epic, adventure and fantasy trailer and advertisements.


I am currently composing the Score to F.C. Rabbath´s feature lenght film Thriller "The Hum". More informations will follow soon.

Demo for "MINIMAL"

Listen to my composition "Nightfly" an official Demo for the new Orchestral release from Sonokinetic. An outstanding tool to add realism to the orchestral compositions, with lots of phrases and rythmic patterns from all the sections isolated, that can be combined between them to achieve diferent colors and textures.

Sounddesign for Trailer

ReallySlowMotion´s "Eject!" promo video is out now!!!
Action and horror tracks for the trailer industry.

Video edition by Rain Ventsel


Two of my new Sounddesign-tracks are on ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design´s actual trailer music album "EJECT".
The album for TV Advertisements will be released for the Industry only .

Filmscore for SCARLET`S WITCH

I am composing for F.C. Rabbaths new Horror/Thriller/Drama a part of the score. The feature lenght film will be released 2014.

More informations here.

Interview with German composer Valentin Boomes(Immediate Music & RSM) by Soundtracks and Trailer Music

"When we met Yoav Goren a while ago here in Germany he mentioned a composer called Valentin Boomes. He spoke about him as a German composer who got contracted recently by Immediate Music due to his great talent. The name wasn’t new to us" ... "we were also massively impressed by his compositions."
read the full interviev...

Roulette (Thriller/Horror/Drama)

I am composing the Score for the feature lenght film “ROULETTE”, a thriller- horror- drama by the German Filmproduction company Film Fatal.

Th film is about a girl that ends up in prostitution and gets kidnapped by a secret society of rich and influential persons who bet on life and death while the girls have to shoot each others. Heavy stuff.


(shortfilm by Sebastian Linda) 

great collaboration with the talented filmmaker Sebastian Linda and the one and only Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid).

Titel: Fuse

Filmmusic for LISTEN (Fantasy/Romance/Thriller)

My Music can be heard in the upcomming feature lenght film LISTEN by F.C. Rabbath.

Stay tuned more informations soon...

Collaboration with IMMEDIATE MUSIC

I am so exited to announce the collaboration with Hollywood's main supplier of Trailer Music. The legendary company IMMEDIATE MUSIC! They will post-produce 10 of my best tracks and publish them during the year.

nomination: "BEST NEW COMPOSER"

I am nominated for the "Trailer Music World Award 2012" in the category "Best New Composer"!!!


Music and sounddesign for the upcomming German Agend-Thriller Series "New World Order"

(Director & DoP: Alex Fuchs, Prod: VisualBastarts)

MANA feat Julie Elven on RSM´s COSMOGENY

I am proud to announce that I´ll participate on the upcoming epic release COSMOGENY by the new trailer music label REALYSLOWMOTION with a wonderful vocal track of mine. Be prepared...


LISTEN Official Trailer 2013

After some hard days working against the time I am really proud to introduce you the result. An emotional trailer for the upcoming feature lenght film "LISTEN" by F,C, Rabbath Creations.

Komposition, Musikproduktion by Valentin Boomes

FROM A BLUE SKY 2 Official Teaser Trailer

Music by Valentin Boomes, DoP Trailerfootage: Sanchira Vanchin, Narrator: Anthony Straeger, Production Assistant: Sansara Van Wulff, Exec. Producer, Dir. & Editor: Tobias Wulff, Production Company: Avinth Film Berlin - Filmproduktion. Feel free to share this trailer. Stay tuned for the official website.

Roulette Official Teaser Trailer

Production: Film Fatal / Exaktfilm Filmproduction

Music Titel: Engine by Valentin Boomes

Berlin Hyperlapse

This impressive timelapse video is the result of a collaboration with the gorgeous video-artist and hyperlapse pioneer Gabriel Shahab Behzumi who made a photographic journey thrue berlin
from 12 may - 18 may 2012

produced by: B-zOOmi
Music Titel: "Diving thrue the Blue" by Valentin Boomes

3rd place with "Memoria"                        see more

i am the happy 3rd place WINNER from 8dio´s Stand Out Composer Contest.

“Unique composition with a very personal vibe and voice to it.
The crescendo to the epic theme is beautiful and the theme is phenomenal.”

testimony from the judges: Bill Brown, Trevor Morris, Jeff Rona and Jeremy Soule

Magnetic (2012) - A Short Film [ By F.C.Rabbath ]

The story is about a boy who tries to attract the girl of his dreams. He is also very interested in magnets. When he was a child, he tried to attract his dream girl with a magnet but it didn't work. When he is older, he invents a people-magnet. He tries to attract the same girl with the magnet but realizes that she just gets pushed away from it.

Music: "Don´t freak out" by Valentin Boomes


Epic Hybrid Orchestral trailer score

Beautiful new MOTION SEDCARD
Model: Lyly Schoettle
Produktion: AVINTH FILM BERLIN, 2012
Director, Exec. Producer & DoP: Tobias Wulff Producer: Florian Sailer
MakeUp-Artist and Hair-Stylist: Birgit Düvelmeyer
Music composed and produced by: Valentin Boomes

Model: Sansara Van Wulff
Produktion: AVINTH FILM BERLIN, 2012
Director, Exec. Producer & DoP: Tobias Wulff Producer: Florian Sailer
Music composed and produced by: Valentin Boomes

Model: Jacqueline Sabanya
Produktion: AVINTH FILM BERLIN, 2012
Director, Exec. Producer & DoP: Tobias Wulff Producer: Florian Sailer
MakeUp-Artist and Hair-Stylist: Birgit Düvelmeyer
Shot at Kaskeline-Studio, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Music composed and produced by: Valentin Boomes

New Motion Sedcard

The Original MOTION SEDCARD© by AVINTH FILM BERLIN Model: Milka Ivanova Facebook: Internet: Produktion: AVINTH FILM BERLIN, 2012
Music composed and produced by: Valentin Boomes

more info

Moteion Sedcard - Behind the Scenes

Models: Lyly Schoettle, Maximilian Zepplin, Jaqueline Sabanya, Sansara Van Wulff, Milka Ivanona Facebook: Internet: Produktion: AVINTH FILM BERLIN, 2012
Music composed and produced by: Valentin Boomes

ZEISS Messefilm IWA 2011

Filmproduktion für Carl Zeiss Sportsoptics – Premiere auf der IWA 2011

Film: Duralyt (Carl Zeiss)
Music by Valentin Boomes
Titel: -40 Grad

The wait is over!

Watch the first of four upcoming MOTION SEDCARDS© by Avinth Film Berlin - Filmproduktion we shot last weekend. Thank you very much to our supporters: Studio: Kaskeline Film Academy Berlin, Markus Görgens. Music composed and produced by: Valentin Boomes. Logodesign by: Darkoarts. The MOTION SEDCARD©-TEAM is: Tobias Wulff: Director, Exec. Producer, DoP. Florian Sailer: Producer & Webdesign, Birgit "Bi" Düvelmeyer: MakeUp-Artist & Hair-Stylist. Production Assistant & Setpics: Sansara Van Wulff. MOTION SEDCARD© is a brand of AVINTH FILM BERLIN.

Have a look at the official MOTION SEDCARD Website:

R.U.B.I.N. (Musicvideo)

The brandnew TIEFENGESTEIN musicvideo "RUBIN". Produced by AVINTH FILM BERLIN.
Director: Tobias Wulff
Music by: TIEFENGESTEIN Music Composed and produced by: Valentin Boomes

AWARDS: Audience Choice Award at ClipClub Shortfilmfest Berlin, Dec. 2011.

ZURAG (Dokumentation)

Bereits als kleiner Junge beginnt 'Otgo' (Otgonbayar Ershuu) zu malen. Sein häufigstes Motiv sind Pferde. Kleine Kinder lernen in der Mongolei reiten, bevor sie laufen können. So entsteht eine natürliche Vertrautheit zu diesen Tieren, welche in Otgos Gemälden zu sehen und zu spüren ist. Otgo hat sich auf Miniaturarbeit spezialisiert. Mittlerweile zählen Otgos Bilder zusammengerechnet weit über 500.000 Pferde.
Musik (theme song): Valentin Boomes

DURALYT - Carl Zeiss

Musikproduktion für Messe / Produktfilm für Carl Zeiss Sportsoptics. Der emotionale Film über das neue Duralyt Zielfernrohr des international führenden Optikherstellers ZEISS hatte im Anschluss seine Premiere auf der IWA 2011 in Nürnberg.

Music by Valentin Boomes

Ferner als der Horizont

Audiobook: Histoy Drama

Publisher: Aktion Verlag

Writer: Melanie Brosowski

Music: Valentin Boomes


Audiobook: Fantasy

Publisher: Aktion Verlag

Writer: Andrea Bannert

Music: Valentin Boomes


Cooperation with Aktion Verlag. Musik Production and Mastering for a couple of Audiobooks. click here to see all Audiobook-productions i made music for.

LUXANO (Short)

Minimal Video - Maximal Sound

Valentin Boomes (c) 2010

Marketing inovation - Trailer

Music By Valentin Boomes

Sturm über St. Kitts

Audiobook: History Drama / Love

Publisher: Aktion Verlag

Writer: Leslie Garber

Music: Valentin Boomes