License royalty free music

You can Licens my music directly from me for a lower price. That is posible because i don´t have to pay publisher shares to the contributers who holds my music. – A nother advantage is that you don´t have to log in or create an account. If you found the right song just write me an email with the details. Depending on what you plan to use the music for, you just notify one of the 6 license types that are described in the chart below. As soon as I get an offer, I will get in touch with you for payment details. After that i provide you an download link where you can download the music, pice which you have chosen, in any format you wish. For the moment I cannot offer a faster payment method.

License Type



License A

1. Private use for Podcast / Website /backround music/ Youtube or
2. up to 100 disc reproductions
3. Student price / shool project (only with credits)

30,00 €

License B

1. Podcast / Websites / Online-Shop (for corporation, only for 1) or
image film / product film (onl for project) or
3. telephone holding loop (only for 1 company) or
4. Commercial use in games for mobile devices, online game
5. Up to 1.000 disc reproductions
6. App up to 10.000 Downloads

60,00 €

License C

1. Internet Commercial/ Online Campaign (only for 1 project) or
2. Commercial for local radio or cinema (duration for 1 year)
3. Music for Audiobook (only for 1 project)
4. Up to 5.000 disc reproductions
5. App up to 25.000 Downloads

120,00 €

License D

1. TV-Commercial regional (duration for 1 year) or
2. Commercial for radio or cinema national (duration for 1 year)
3. Outlet (POS) (duration for 1 year)
4. up to 10.000 disc reproductions
5. App up to 50.000 Downloads

170,00 €

Lizense E

1. TV national (license valid for 1 year) or
2. Up to 50.000 disc reproductions
3. App up to 100.000 Downloads

720,00 €


Attention: each kind of use has to be licensed seperately!

*You can’t find the desired use in the chart? No problem, please contact me
and i’ll help you finding the correct license for you.



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